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I'm a certified running coach by Bulletproof Runner av Lee Saxby and BTR. I provide screening and coaching, for beginners and more experienced runners. 

Included is a running analysis where I film your gait, analyze your plantar pressure points and evaluate your range of motion.

With these tools I will make you a more efficient runner. 


Running Analysis and coachning with follow-up   800 SEK per hour

(All prices VAT included)

humans are born to run

- Our body should manage that type of work.

Many different styles of running exist, some are more wearing on the body than others. Running technique is rarely concentrated on before problems arise, a point when many stops doing this kind of exercise. To hire someone for analyzing your running step could give you answer to why you are struggling with your running technique.

To an inexperienced runner, it can be interesting analyzing your running step in order to find weakness points and to prevent overstraining before it occurs.

To know how to run correctly from start is useful for the new exerciser who hasn't done a lot of running before. At the same time you establish a new routine of workout that lasts.


When experiencing pain or discomfort, many try to find a solution, for instance to quit running or buy high tech shoes, which often isn't the solution to a physical weakness.

Dedication starts in your head and ends in the movement. From internal to external focus, refining precision and concentrating on the goal.

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