Do you want to kick start your training?
Do you need sport specific workouts?
do you need help with your diet?

I´m a Ereps certified personal trainer and nutritionist with several educations and courses involving Olympic Lifting, Weight Training, Sport Specific Performance Training and Running.

My philosophy is that you practice to get older.

It is never too late, or too early, to start - as long as you know how to do it right. 

When it comes to sport specific training one should recognize patterns of movement in order to choose exercises for the athlete and optimizing performance.

My interest and my experience in sports and training gives me drive to help other becoming the best they can be.



As a client you don't need a gym membership when working with me.


We meet at the gym for an hour of effective workout. Included in my sessions are coaching, technique and movement enhancement, and counceling during the session.


We set goals and I create a workout that suits your daily physical condition. The plan can be both short term and long term. Whether you want to train your heart, become stronger or bring more balance to your life, I have the tools for you to succeed.

  • Olympic Lifting

  • Crossfit

  • Running Coach

  • Power Lifting

  • Functional Training

  • Sport Specific Training

  • Cardiovascular profiling

  • Mobility 

  • Programming

pt standard


55 minutes 

10 × 55 minutes


20 × 55 minutes


30 x 55 minutes



700 SEK

675 SEK

640 SEK

610 SEK

pt duo

For two individuals.

55 minutes


10 × 55 minutes

Price/person and session


490 SEK

470 SEK

All prices above applies to both members and non-members of FNF Athletic Center. VAT included.

GRoup training & WORKSHOPS

I have cooperated with young football and handball teams, Helsingborg Östra and Råå and OV Helsingborg. We practised mobility, body control, strenght, wrestling and sprints  

I also organize training camps at the facility of FNF in Helsingborg.


Do you have an inquiry about this type of training?


Do you want me to visit your facility contributing with knowledge, leading training camps or workshops? Or do you want to book me for classes held at FNF?


You are much welcome to contact me for an offer.


Do I have to have a membership at the gym FNF Athletic Center in order to work with you?

My clients do not need a membership at FNF when we are working together at the gym. 

Can you give PT sessions at other gyms than FNF?


Since I pay a fee to FNF only in order to work with my clients, it is not possible at the time to work at other gyms.

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