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About  me

Your goals, my concern

I always strive towards meeting my clients on their level of fitness.

From here i want to serve, both physically and mentaly, to achieve progress towards bigger goals.

Being a Personal Trainer, working out and fitness is a lifestyle. I started my company in the beginning of 2015 and it has been my full time work since then. As a personal trainer I always strive towards becoming better through education and courses. My goal is to stay updated with the latest research, dieting and overall fitness trends, so I can give my clients the latest in todays training without making it too complicated. Through my experiences as an elite athlete and as a coach I have built a network of colleagues and contacts within my area of work, to change experiences, learn about the skills of athletic performance and coaching clients towards their better form.

I´m a Ereps* certified personal trainer and nutritionist with several educations and courses involving Olympic Lifting, Weight Training, Sport Specific Performance Training and Running. I grew up with swimming and Greco-Roman wrestling on a national elite level. I´m a war veteran with 5 years of service in the Swedish Air Assault Squadron with three tours to Afghanistan. Before that, I did a 15 month service as a Swedish Para-Ranger. I also attended the The World Rowing Coastal Championships in Lima, Peru 2015.

*An organization that ensures that education and teaching methods follows and maintains a qualified  high international standard.

  • Ereps Certified Personal Trainer

  • Eleiko - Strength Coach level 1 and 2

  • Crossfit - Level 2 Trainer, Gymnastics level 1

  • Bulletproof Runner (Lee Saxby), BTR - Running Coach

  • The Cardio Code - cardiovascular profiling and training

  • SISU - Swimming instructor, Mental training, Appl. Sport Specific Training.

  • Mil. Krav Maga Instructor block A, B, C and D

  • Personal Trainer and CEO of own company since 2014

  • Olympic lifting: Competed and coached since 2014

  • Crossfit: Competed and coached 1000+ hours

  • Ultramarathon: "Fjällräven Classic" 2013, placed 13th 

  • Rowing: The WRCC 2015 in Lima, Peru, placed 13th

  • Indoor rowing: The Euro Champs 2019 4th place

  • Greco-Roman Wrestling: 2 Nationals with top results

  • Swimming: 5 Nationals, top results, Swimming Coach 6 yrs 

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